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Jeans are a classic in most wardrobes. But it can be really hard to find a good symønster for jeans. Until now at least. We are super proud to announce a symønster for jeans that actually sits like JEANS and not as tight pants. And YES, there is a huge difference!

Jeans are for a world entirely for themselves. Both the fit, design details and fabric is something special. So special that we have dedicated an entire theme in Sysidens online sewing Club to jeans and denim.

In addition to a symønster members of our online sewing Club also get a magazine with articles, background knowledge, sewing techniques and video guides, which makes working with sewing your own jeans even easier.

Jeans and world history

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We’re pretty fascinated by jeans ‘ story. A part of the we already knew, and it makes you safe also. You have probably heard of Levi Strauss, who took out a patent on the jeans sometime in 1800 century and jeans at the start were sewn to the gold miners and cowboys in the Wild West. But have you thought about how many times the jeans have had a central role in the history of writing in our part of the world? From the 50 ‘s youth rebellion to the 1970s women’s liberation and the ‘ 90s generally accepted fact. We look more closely at the jeans ‘ story in the theme, that is in the online Club in May/June.

We also looked closely at the color indigo, which is the blue color jeans traditionally have. Did you know that it was originally a plant color, but today will be manufactured synthetically? Maybe did you. But did you saw that indigo dye was one of the main export commodities from the United States around the time of the American Revolutionary War? And that the blue color has been a big reason so many African slaves were retrieved for the United States to grow and process the plants? We knew that in fact not before we set ourselves to rese arche for this theme.

Indigo color has also had implications in European politics in the 1500 ‘s, and has been known and coveted way back in ancient Greece. So don’t come and find that clothes and fashion are clean surface. Jeans, as we know them today, have at least put up some strong tracks through history. You can read more about both indigo, denim and jeans in May/June the theme in Sysidens online sewing Club .

Styling ideas for your jeans

Once you’ve got yourself a pair of jeans sewn in our new symønster, and led them to sit perfectly (Yes, you should so be sure to count on a contour or 2, even though we have created a singularly good pattern. We are after all different, so it’s not everyone who can jump directly into our patterns without the organisation. Ourselves among them).

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But then, when your jeans sits right in the community. Then you should have a few other things out of the closet, to get the most out of your jeans. We think anyway that most have the best if there is also a little garment that covers the torso. The trick is then just to find out what it is for any clothing that should be allowed to be aired, along with your new jeans.

Some of the very genius of jeans is that they are today is such a natural part of fashion and street scene, that they can be styled to almost anything. Here we have chosen 2 looks out for you, and come with suggestions for how you can sew you into the good styling.

Look no. 1 – raw and scale

Jeans are asking almost on a t-shirt. But it doesn’t have to be a big shapeless white mens t-shirt. You can style your jeans right elegant and feminine, if you sew you a tight-fitting t-shirt and fx. make a lace detail.

The black top is from Nina Ricci and have lace back, and if you take the starting point in Sysidens jersey dress theme, and uses the top of jersey dress as a peak, then you can pretty easily even sewing something resembling.

Clip instance. the entire back of the stretch-lace, or make a severing of barmen and replace the upper part with stretch-lace. Drop sleeves and sew instead an entirely narrow ribbed waistband in armhole at the end.

Together with the feminine top is it smart with a small jacket that bleed slightly up compared to the raw jeans. Our pattern for a small jacket (a) ‘ la ‘ Chanel will be a good starting point, and you can choose whether to be rough with zipper or more soft and feminine with buttons or maybe quite simple and open in front. Sew the lining of the jacket, and select like substance that is either printed or woven in several colors. It can for example. be a floral print or one of the many tweed fabric, which is woven with multiple colors of yarn, so they get a nice coloring game.

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Jeans styling

Look no. 2 – cool and relaxed

Are you more of a casual look (or perhaps more correctly: the days, you’re more of a casual look), you can actually use the same basic recipe to your styling, but make a slightly different fit in the stuff you put together with your jeans.

It is still t-shirt and jacket. But where the raw version is more tight-fitting and “sharp” in the lines, so is the more down to Earth and just relaxed on the verge to be oversize.

Sew yourself a t-shirt after the Sysidens pattern to t-shirt with bådhals. It has a slightly loose fit, which lends itself well to the more casual look. The throat in the pattern is a bådhals, but you can easily change, if there is anything else that clothes you better. You’ll learn how in the magazine that comes with This t-shirt symønster.

For the casual look, we will again use the little jacket, but instead of sewing it in woven fabrics, you can try with knitted fabric that fall softer and often are more comfortable to wear. Isoli will give a more sporty look, because the jacket then comes to the bodies a “fin” version of a sports jacket or hoodie. And if you even adds a little extra width in the side seam and sleeve, then you quickly close to the airy look on the picture above.

Well, that was all for now.

You can grab your new favorite symønster to jeans HERE.

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